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Welcome to the Balvihar Site.

Welcome to Balvihar 2009-2010class.

Bal Vihar Surya Namaskar Yajna 2009 Pledge Form (XL)

On page 9 in the Bal Vihar book is the prayer “Om Sahana vavatu…”Please help your child learn it by heart. Help her/him know the meaning. Write it out on a card and have them recite it at meal time. Please make this a regular habit.

August 16, 2009- Balvihar Registration and Orientation, 10.30am-11.00 am.

August 23, 2009 – Ganesh Chaturthi

August 30, 2009- Balvihar Begins.

Sep 6,2008 -No Balvihar- Labor Day Weekend




Bal-Vihar (Sunday School)


Parents, if you are interested in having your children attend Bal Vihar Please read this.

• Your child must be in first grade to start Bal Vihar. Youth program will start for children in grade 7 and up. Registration is on August 16 2009.

• There is a registration fee of $60.00 per child.

• You may mail the registration form and check to the Hindu Temple 13010 Arbor, Omaha NE 68144. Make the check to Hindu Temple with Bal Vihar in memo.

• Registration form can be down loaded from the website.

• Parents, please bring the completed registration form with you on August 16, 2009. A registration desk will be set up in the Temple social hall from 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM. This will be followed by orientation for parents and students in the Hindu Temple Social Hall.
• Regular classes will begin on August 30, 2009.

Registration Form

Father’s Name: _______________________________________________
Mother’s Name: _______________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone: ________________ Email: ________________________________
Name(s) of Child/ren –
Name – Dt. of Birth Grade New/paststudent Amount Paid *P/D/T/Y


*P – Parthama – Grade 1 & Grade 2
*D – Dwithiya – Grade 3 & Grade 4
*T – Trithiya – Grade 5 & Grade 6
*Y – Youth Grade 7 and up

The classes begin at 10:45 AM sharp. Please be there a few minutes before time. The classes conclude at 12:00 noon. Parents, please pick up your child at 12:00 sharp. The teachers cannot look after and be responsible for the children after 12:00.

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