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Information: Your child must be in first grade to start Bal Vihar (no exception). Youth program will start for children in grade 7 and up. Registration is open online now. There is a registration fee of $80.00 per child. Payment is to be made in online (Make payments to Omaha Hindu Temple, Click here to make payment, please remember to select “Bal Vihar Registration” from the drop-down option. This will allow us to track payments with your children) at the time of registration. Registration period is opened now to enroll your children. First day of Bal Vihar is Sunday August 28, 2022 (class time is starting at 10:30 am and ending at 11:45 am).

Balvihar would like every parent to enroll their children if they are in first grade or higher in regular school. This is great opportunity for kids to make new friends, learn about Indian culture and support Hindu Temple in the time of pandemic.

Balvihar Teachers and Hindu Temple Management

Updated- August 4, 2022

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